Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ )

We are the premium outdoor gear shop in Bangladesh. We plan our product line based on decade long experience we gathered by venturing the outdoors. Most of our product we test in real trips/treks and once satisfied then we bring it for you. Quality is always guaranteed because we only select world renowned brand’s product for you. Below is the most common FAQ

Are these branded items are genuine?
Oh yes, they are 100% genuine and brought from authorize distributor. If you have any question, let us know so that we can guide you.
Why some of the items are expensive compared to other place?
Just like all cars or all smart phones are not same price, similarly all outdoor gears are also not same price. Price depends on quality and brands. We request you to check if quality and specs are same while you compare products
Can I see the items before buying?
Sure you can. Please visit our showrooms to see any of the items you like.Click here to see our store locations: Our Stores
Can you bring items from Amazon/ebay if I order?
Sorry we are not mail order/courier/logistics company and we do not have such system.
How secure is shopping in your Online Shop? Is my data protected?
All your browsing and transaction data is safe for this secure (HTTPS) site.
How can I pay?
You can pay online using Debit/Credit card, Mobile Banking and/or Online Banking and save more. You can also chose Cash on Delivery option - in that case we will charge you 2% extra to cover the Courier COD fees and inconvenience.
Can I pay in Installment i.e. EMI?
Yes, we have EMI facilities when you pay using selected bank's Credit Card. Click here to see more detail about our EMI.
What is the story behind the name Peak69?
Few years back the highest motorable road of Bangladesh was over a mountain peak called "peak69" in Bandarban, from there we got the name.
Where can I send my feedback and/or complains?
Please write us an email at or use the contact page to reach us